Mat Ingram - Reflex Gaming

“The key to success is often the ability to adapt.” Confucius

As the year 2020 draws to a close, Mat Ingram, CPO at Reflex Gaming reflects on both the opportunities and challenges which 2020 has presented.  With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing  widespread pub and AGC shutdown, and wider economic uncertainty, it has been a rollercoaster of a year for Reflex.  Now looking back at our strategic decisions, it’s clear that our agility and ability to adapt have allowed us to leverage the few positives which have come out of 2020.

Let’s revisit the long-term industry goal of offering a cashless game play.  The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the speed of implementing cashless gaming.   Mat said; “When Covid-19 hit, we recognised that using cash would be an issue going forward. We responded quickly by converting our product portfolio to accommodate a cashless solution. We wanted to ensure that players would be able to play and pay safely.”

How did the players react to this change?  Initial feedback from the application of the Game Payment Technology (GPT) system [1] indicates that the cashless process has already exceeded industry expectations.  The first GPT enabled AWP machines utilising this technology inform us that the average monthly value of electronic funds increased significantly, showing a really encouraging increase in usage.  Interestingly, the data tell us that over half of players using the GPT app were aged 40 and older.  This demonstrates a strong level of acceptance across all age groups. This insight will indeed be news welcomed by the whole industry.

This year has also provided an opportunity for us to fast track our digital gaming portfolio.  Since 2004, Reflex has been leading providers of land-based games.  “Further to widespread pub and club closures, we made the decision to ramp up our online activities.” reveals Mat.  We were already operating in the digital gaming markets; our next tactic was to accelerate the growth in these sectors.  In order to enable us to get our games in front of more players and gain more distribution channels, we formed two strategic alliances with major distributors, Yggdrasil and Stakelogic.

The partnership with Yggdrasil enabled us to join their YG Masters programme.  This gave us instant access to Yggdrasil’s GATI technology. “This partnership will give us a huge opportunity to both scale and extend our business operations into several new and exciting areas, channels and markets, in a highly efficient and effective manner.” adds Mat.  GATI is the enabler of the Yggdrasil Decentralised Aggregation Network. All Yggdrasil partners integrated to GATI can cross-sell its games to any global Yggdrasil Franchisee.

Another welcome alliance was formed with Stakelogic during quarter three, which led to Reflex joining the Greenlogic® program, allowing us immediate access to over 500 operators and aggregator partners around the world.  Mat says; “this was a brilliant opportunity for Reflex, through the alliance, we are able to put our name and games in front of more players than ever before.”

Since Reflex began trading, we have built an enviable reputation for designing hugely entertaining omni-channel games. We are proud to boast a portfolio comprising blockbuster titles such as Lucky Gems, Wild Princess, Volcano and Celtic Spirit.  Both our partners Yggdrasil and Stakelogic, have access to our leading games design team.

Mat reflects; “Our ability to quickly adapt our business to changing market needs has put us in a strong position for 2021.  We have a solid games roadmap lined up for next year and look ahead with confidence and optimism.  Whatever the future holds, we are ready.”

“Our ability to quickly adapt our business to changing market needs has put us in a strong position for 2021.”