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By combining customised content, machine performance data and smart insights from our innovative Slingshot ecosystem, Reflex Gaming has revolutionised the digital gaming industry in the UK.

Our contemporary gaming machines feature ergonomic designs and high-definition monitors that command attention.

NEW cabinet Cyclone

Game Pro Cyclone

GamePro Cyclone

With bigger screens, advanced LED lighting, cutting-edge communication technology and a powerful gaming PC, this NEW premium cab is sure to take gaming experience to the next level.


Game Pro

We’ve always been at the industry forefront when it comes to cabinet design. Our most recent release is the highly-acclaimed triple screen GamePro cabinet.

GamePro medley - Reflex Gaming

Game Master 2

Game Master 2

Our NEW Game Master 2 cabinet was designed to deliver an even more intuitive and engaging gaming experience. With bigger screens and improved LED lighting, players will be fully immersed in the action.


We offer Category C and B4 analogue gaming machines and are the only supplier innovating in these markets. We supply the top-performing games in the UK for these sectors.

Analogue Machines - Reflex Gaming