Surj Stott - Reflex Gaming

Women at Reflex | Surj Stott Interview

Each year, the 8th March marks International Women’s day (IWD). In 2021, let’s pay attention to this year’s bold theme which is, ‘Choose to challenge’.  The time is now to challenge inequality, call out bias, question stereotypes with the aim to forge an inclusive world.  

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Krazy Klimber - Reflex Gaming

Monkey Business in Manhattan with Reflex Gaming’s Latest Classic

t’s 1933, and high above Manhattan, a gigantic gorilla clings to the walls of the tallest skyscraper.  Ten blocks away, the city Zoo is missing its most prized possession.  In between, the streets are a scene of utter chaos and destruction, with terrified civilians running every which way, escaping the carnage.   

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