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Slingshot Platform

Our world-class Slingshot back office platform was developed in-house to facilitate machine performance reporting, system updates and new game releases. Slingshot provides operators with smart insights such as the status of cash-handling peripherals and other components, player behaviour and the effects of implementing alternative payment methods. These tools allow operators to make informed business decisions.

Our gaming machines can be networked to our Slingshot platform via wired ethernet, wifi or an industrial grade cellular modem. SIMs can be managed via our easy-to-use, web-based Slingshot Connect portal.


Slingshot - Reflex Gaming

Slingshot allows you to see all of your connected digital Reflex machines in real time. 

You can monitor game performance, machine errors, hopper levels, financial performance and more. You can also set alerts for events which means that Slingshot will notify you when there is something wrong or unusual happening with your machines. 

Slingshot also enables us to download new games and undertake system updates. In the event of a security issue, we can disable games, peripherals or entire machines. 

Slingshot is constantly evolving. Although we already have a roadmap of great new features that we want to develop, we love hearing from our customers as well. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions.  

Benefits of the Slingshot platform